An Introduction to DEM

Welcome to the DEM blog.
We have been responsible for the sales and development of and since March 2011. With these products we provide an ideal platform for promoting universities to prospective international and UK postgraduate students respectively.
Our first year has been a successful one seeing record levels of traffic, breaking into new markets such as Brazil and Russia and increasing student engagement with our blogging and Facebook activity. We have also added Spanish translation to the international site, redesigned both websites with usability and engagement in mind, and improved measurability across all products.
With this blog we will be providing guidance on optimising your institutions activity on the sites and achieving the best ROI for your budget. We will also be giving you insights into product developments and performance statistics.
Even if you don’t currently advertise on any of our products we hope that the guides and insights featured on this blog will be invaluable to maximise your institutions advertising effectiveness across the web. So be sure to check back often!
– The DEM Team
If you have any queries please contact us.