Introducing The New StudyLink MBA Directory MBA DirectoryLast month we introduced the new StudyLink site. It was the biggest change to StudyLink in over five years and marked a significant point in the development journey of the StudyLink product. We’re now pleased to announce the arrival of a re-imagined MBA directory.

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Redesigned in a big way

We’ve completely redesigned the page with search in mind. Ultimately, students want to find the right course, and that is what StudyLink is great at doing. Having this clear goal has enabled our design team to focus on producing a cleanly designed page that gets students searching for the course they want to study.

We’ve also added a ‘Popular MBA Courses’ drop down search section that opens to reveal the most popular and searched for MBA courses. This is already providing students with inspiration as they search for the course they want to study abroad.

Below that, you’ll find the great content that our users have come to know, love, and expect from the StudyLink website. We’ve simplified the layout however so now it’s even easier to read and we’ve added some great looking chevrons which help students pinpoint the information they’re looking for, depending on what stage of the decision making process they are at.

We mean business

Whilst the redesigned page with the improved search is great for our students, we haven’t forgotten about the universities that advertise with us. We’ve added a new MPU ad position. MPU stands for ‘mid-page unit’ and is a great position for delivering a strong branding message to our users. It can really help enhance brand perception and is used widely across other websites you may advertise with, such as the Guardian and Financial Times.

It sits above the fold in a highly prominent position, right alongside the title of the main content. We’re currently collecting data on the position with some in house banners, and we will be rolling the new position out across several other pages in the near future. We’re really confident that this new position will help you to reach even more prospective students in your target regions. Talk to your account manager about the MPU to find out more and be one of the first institutions to benefit from this enhanced position.

Same great advice. Doubled.

Since our new search and responsive redesign rolled out last month, we’ve seen a steady increase in organic visits from students not just looking for an easy way of searching for courses, but also those looking for advice on studying abroad. As such, we’ve expanded the content that was originally on the page to follow a logical stage flow that mirrors the stages that prospective students go through when choosing to study an MBA abroad. We are regularly praised on our advice and information by our 70,000+ Facebook users, and we’re confident this new advice will help even more students find the right MBA.

Of course, when you combine this new content with our existing articles on our blog, you’ll realise that the StudyLink website currently holds over 20,000 words on MBA advice. That’s a short novel dedicated to helping more students study an MBA abroad, and we won’t be stopping there. We’ll continue to add new content and help more students through our blog and monthly emails. We’d encourage you to get in contact if you think you could add some extra insight too.

We’re really pleased with the result and are looking forward to seeing the data changes within Analytics over the next 30 days. Rest assured we’ll share those results with you.