Coursefindr is dedicated to prospective UK students.

Coursefindr provides engaging study advice and a powerful course search for prospective UK higher education students of all levels.

Usability is at the forefront of our ethos for Coursefindr, providing students with a clean and simple to use interface, making it easy for students to find their ideal higher education course in the UK.

Coursefindr is organised into sub-sites for undergraduate, postgraduate and online students, with relevant advice and information for each study level. Course search results, provider profile and course profile pages are also organised into undergraduate, postgraduate and online components – allowing you to promote your institution to students at the level required.

Powerful Course Search

The cutting-edge search tools used on Coursefindr ensure students receive the most relevant course suggestions for their requirements. Information such as course duration, study level and award type, distance from them are all available at a glance. Detailed course descriptions and institution information are only a click away.

When a student performs a search on Coursefindr, they are asked to choose their study level, ensuring only the most relevant information is displayed.

Coursefindr Search

Profile Advertising

Coursefindr provides entirely separate profile content for undergraduate, postgraduate and online students, ensuring a student only sees information that is relevant to their study level.

Make use of your Coursefindr profile to showcase your institution using images, video and feeds from your social media. Your profile also displays your upcoming open day events.

Coursefindr provider profile

University Open Days

The Coursefindr open day calendar allows you to add all your forthcoming open days, segmented by study level so they can only be seen by students at the relevant level.

Promote your open day inexpensively to gain even more exposure for your upcoming events.

Open days added to the open day calendar also feature on your provider profile.

Coursefindr provider profile

Engaging Content

Coursefindr offers prospective students course information and study advice from a source that is trustworthy and engaging.

With a distinctive peer-to-peer style, Coursefindr meets the information requirements of both the parents’ and prospective students’ decision making processes.

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Contact us for Pricing

Or Call us at +44 (0) 1332 411 111