The Importance of Student Generated Content

In a recent article by Inside Higher Ed, it was highlighted that international students often turn to current students to hear their stories and opinions on university life “because they know that they may have challenges fitting in culturally”. This has increased the demand for more student generated content from universities to help potential students feel more secure and confident when choosing a university for international study.
Through your StudyLink profile you are able to communicate key points of information about your institution to potential students. This is done by using the profile text, multiple tabs of information such as accommodation and scholarships, a video, student testimonials and institution imagery.
Although the profile can give lots of useful information about the institution to the students, one thing it can’t do is give a detailed overview of what it is like to be an international student within the university. Of course, you are able to feature student testimonials, but these aren’t as extensive or thorough as a student story blog.
Our StudyLink Blog allows institutions the opportunity to convey student stories, and help those potential students make their decisions about studying abroad confidently. Students like to hear about personal experiences with moving away from home, settling into new accommodation in a new country, making friends, the course itself, and the university support and facilities.
Although words from past students are important, creative content also goes hand in hand with this. The StudyLink Blog Student Stories also enables you to embed a YouTube video into your blog article, which means you can also have a spoken feature from your past students. Photos taken by students can also be a nice addition throughout the article.
To find out more about creating a student story to support your profile please contacts us