The New Version of

DEM are happy to announce the brand new version of our international study website, Built from the ground-up with the mobile-first philosophies developed with, the new works almost like a native app on mobile phones, whilst still looking great on full sized displays.

Every page has been re-designed (try our new blog and advice directory) and existing features have been analysed and improved to make the user experience more straightforward. Provider profiles look better than ever before, whilst still displaying as much useful information as you can provide.

Read our student facing article describing the benefits of the new site design to students searching for courses. With new content continually added such as our new degree guides and continual optimisations and improvements to the course search algorithm, finding the right information has never been easier for students.

With course shortlisting we have made it simple for students to build and retain a list of courses they find using the course search, putting your courses in front of students for longer in the decision making process. We have also added information requests to the new user section, making it possible for you to receive student enquiries directly to a specified email address.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the changes to